Dispute Resolution Specialization

Dispute resolution isn’t simply about winning or losing. In an increasingly complex world, dispute resolution offers a way to find solutions that allow all parties to move forward without entering a courtroom. In order to be effective, dispute resolution has to be led by advocates who are knowledgeable about the law and skilled in the art of negotiation, persuasion, and communication.

Through Vermont Law School’s Dispute Resolution Program, students explore the theoretical and practical aspects of efficient problem-solving processes through courses, conferences and workshops. And you can learn directly from current advocates during a semester-in-practice. The Dispute Resolution Program is led by Professor Sean Nolon.

Skills and expertise are further developed through participation in the Dispute Resolution Society, a student-led organization that has a winning record in intra-school negotiation and mediation competitions. Besides being fun, the competition offers practice and feedback in a real-world setting, helping student to prepare for their professional life.