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Business Law Specialization

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Increasingly, businesses see sustainability as an imperative to which they must respond. Whether by changing consumer demands or designing business models that adapt to the devastating impacts of climate change, businesses understand the need to integrate sustainability into their innovation, product design, and sales processes.

That's why a new partnership between Vermont Law School, the nation's top environmental law school, and the University of Vermont's School of Business Administration is putting a new kind of leader on a literal fast track. Students seeking UVM's MBA in sustainable innovation can earn a joint master's degree from Vermont Law in two years or a joint Vermont Law JD in just three years. Together the VLS and UVM faculty will prime and prepare you to take on the business world's new normal.

Vermont Law also offers a certificate in Business Law and a targeted suite of classes for students who want to specialize in business but who aren't interested in the joint degree. Courses in corporations, securities, bankruptcy, nonprofit management, and even white collar crime are all available. Students can also enroll in our dispute resolution courses and clinic--arbitration, mediation, and negotiation skills are incredibly valuable to businesses, and prospective employers.

Sustainable development, social activism among corporations, and forward-looking, employee-owned businesses are commonplace in Vermont. Here you can learn to be a new kind of business leader that makes a difference in your community and the world.