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Animal Law Specialization

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Students earning an Animal Law LLM or concentration in animal law, residentially or online, will be poised to be the world’s leaders in animal advocacy. They will have the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty and make a difference in the lives of animals in a variety of arenas. 

Animal law is a rapidly growing field with expanding career pathways. Animal advocates include attorneys, lobbyists, consultants to non-profits, animal care professionals, authors, professors, politicians, serve in government agencies, and more. 

The subjects of animal law include wildlife, companion animals, farmed animals, and animals used for entertainment and experimentation. Animal law encompasses all interactions with animals within the context of traditional areas of law, making it possible to incorporate animal law into any area of practice and a number of professions. 

Vermont Law and Graduate School is known for bridging applied and academic worlds, and the Animal Law and Policy Institute continues that tradition with an array of course offerings and practical experiences.