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Registration Instructions

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  1. Review any available information beneath the Term as well as Degree Requirements.
  2. Be careful to select only classes that do not conflict in time with each other. Please consult the Student Handbook for the minimum and maximum number of credits per semester for your program. 17 credits is the maximum for full time JD students, 18 credits for dual degree in which the 18th credit is master's only.
  3. When you are ready to start registering online, select the CampusWeb link which can be found either via the Resources tab on the VLS home page or via the Portal. You will need your VLS username and password. When you are correctly logged in, you will get a screen that says, "Welcome Your First Name."
  4. From here, you will select "Add Classes" on the left navigation bar.
  5. At the top, you will need to choose the appropriate term from the drop down box for "Selected Term" and then click Change. (On-ground classes are in the Summer 2020, Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 terms.)
  6. Please select the appropriate package (JD, Master's, LLM) for the classes you are registering for. Do not choose a certificate.
  7. JD students who are interested in taking online classes must first complete a cross registration form and then schedule a meeting (either in person or via phone) with Genevieve Nichols. Her email is
  • Within each term, you can use the search screen to select specific attributes or just click the search button and you will get a complete listing of all classes offered in that term.
  • To add a class, simply select "Add Class" in the action column on the right side of the page beside the appropriate section.
  • Waitlists are available for most classes. Simply click "Check" instead of "Add" from the action column. Some clinics and courses are open only for waitlists as there is a selection process for the class. Being on a waitlist for a class with a selection process does not guarantee a seat in the class.



FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS If you have an outstanding balance in the Business Office over $50, there will be a hold placed on your ability to register online for classes until that balance has been paid.

SEE YOUR FACULTY ADVISOR Please consult with your faculty advisor/mentor before and during the registration process.

CLASS SCHEDULES As a green campus, VLS does not print out schedules for students. Real-time class schedules are available to students via CampusWeb and reflect the days/times of classes and the class location.


Registration Procedures

Online Registration and Add/Drop is done via CampusWeb according to the published days and times. Please use the information on this site as well as the information on CampusWeb prior to your registration appointment time to plan your schedule(s). You should be able to view all of the information prior to your registration being open for activity. If you are logged into CampusWeb prior to your appointment time, please be sure to log out prior to the start time when you can log back in to register.

All rising 2L students should register for a section of Appellate Advocacy (REQ7255.A-F) in Fall 2020 if they have successfully completed Legal Research and Writing, Legal Writing II. Enrollment is limited in each section and an equal number of seats are open. If a section is full, you can be waitlisted. Further information about the specific class sections will be posted and available from the Legal Writing department.


  • JD students must register for at least 10 credits but no more than 17. If joint-degree students want to reach their maximum credits of 18 with a master's-only course, please notify the Registrar's Office.
  • Please check days and times carefully on CampusWeb when making your selections. The system will not allow you to register for classes that conflict. If you have a question, please contact the Registrar.
  • Please check prerequisites for all classes in which you plan to enroll. If you are currently enrolled in the prerequisite class and the system blocks your registration, please email with specific course code information or stop in the Registrar's Office so the restriction can be overridden.
  • Joint Degree students – The online registration process does not allow you to designate which courses you wish to share. Please send an email to indicating which course(s) you would like to share. You may change the designation of "shared" courses until the last day of classes in each semester. If notice is received after this time, the grade will not be shared but the credits may. Please consult your degree audits on CampusWeb as you plan to meet your requirements for both programs.
  • Students who have not taken or passed all the required first-year courses should register for these courses at this time. Please contact the Registrar for assistance prior to your registration appointment time.
  • Bar Admission Requirements – In planning class selections, please be aware that some jurisdictions require specific courses and that some also limit the amount of field placement or clinical programs; e.g., New York. It is prudent for students to check the requirements/restrictions for jurisdictions prior to registration.
  • Should you have any trouble with the online registration process, please email



In most cases, specific registration instructions are provided in the appropriate class description in each term. Please be sure to consult these before starting the registration process.

  • EVIDENCE (LIT7210) – It is strongly recommended that students take Evidence in their second year as it is a prerequisite for other courses and is a requirement for the JD. Attendance at Evidence Labs (LIT7211) is mandatory so if you register for Evidence, you must be available for at least one of the lab times associated with Evidence.
  • APPELLATE ADVOCACY (REQ7255) – If you have not yet satisfied this graduation requirement and you have successfully completed Legal Research and Writing, Legal Writing II, please make sure you register for a section of REQ7255. Enrollment is limited in each section and further information about the specific class sections will be posted and available from the Legal Writing department.
  • TRIAL PRACTICE (LIT7220) – 3L students who have already taken Evidence and wish to enroll in Trial Practice are encouraged to do so in the Fall semester leaving spaces in the Spring sections available for 2L students.
  • GENERAL PRACTICE / EXPERIENTIAL ADVOCACY PROGRAM – All students may register for XAD classes if they have met the prerequisites. Any student who is accepted into the XAD/EAP program will have priority for waitlisted seats in XAD courses.
  • CERTIFICATES - Students interested in pursuing a certificate must submit a completed and signed declaration form for each certificate to the Registrar's office no later than the end of their fourth semester. There are no priority waitlists or registrations for classes which are needed in order to complete a certificate. Students must notify the Registrar's Office via email with a list of those completed classes they wish to have counted towards a certificate.
  • EXCHANGE PROGRAMS – Students interested in applying for any exchange program below contact Dean Beth McCormack for information and application process. Enrollment is typically limited to 2 students per semester per program and students must be ranked in the top half of the class to be eligible. Students are required to submit additional application/registration materials to the exchange school.
        • University of Connecticut School of Law
        • Franklin Pierce Law Center (UNH School of Law)
        • University of California, Hastings College of the Law
        • Howard University School of Law
        • New York Law School
        • Universidad de Puerto Rico
        • Tuck School of Business
  • J.D. PART-TIME EXTERNSHIP (CLI9425) – If you hope to participate in this program in either semester, you may register online to be placed on the waitlist. The default credit value is four credits but the credits are adjusted by the Registrar to that which is specified on the approved registration form. Please see the class description for complete instructions.
  • SOUTH ROYALTON LEGAL CLINIC (CLI9310 is for full-time, CLI9312 is for part-time) – Students may register online for the classroom component of SRLC. Please see the class description for further information and instructions for registration.
  • SEMESTER IN PRACTICE (CLI9411) or JUDICIAL EXTERNSHIP (CLI9430) – Students who have been confirmed for a placement will be registered by the Registrar for these full-time experiential programs. When the Registrar's Office receives official approval, your registration will be finalized. Students who are accepted for the SIP program will be dropped from all other courses in which they have registered except for Law Review II.