Master of Food and Agriculture Law and Policy (MFALP)

The most comprehensive food and agriculture law program in the nation.

The Master of Food and Agriculture Law and Policy (MFALP) degree program is designed for students who want to create, innovate, and support sustainable food and agriculture systems.

The MFALP program seeks to train the next generation of food and agriculture advocates and entrepreneurs through an array of residential and distance learning courses, including courses in our renowned Summer Session, as well as optional clinical training in one of the nation's first food and agriculture law clinics. The MFALP provides students with practical training in public advocacy and writing for a legal policy audience, opportunities for independent research with support from faculty, and externships at organizations around the country and the world.

Our unique and comprehensive curriculum, developed by faculty of VLS's Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, develops students' advocacy skills in the growing, dynamic arena of food and agriculture policy. MFALP students choose from more than 50 environmental law and policy courses, taught by the world-renowned faculty of Vermont Law School.

Most students complete the 30-credit MFALP program in 12 months, but students have up to five years to obtain their degree. It is also available as a joint degree with Vermont Law's JD, and it is open to students enrolled at other law schools who wish to combine their JD with the MFALP degree from Vermont Law School. Students pursuing these joint options may complete the program by taking courses in the VLS Summer Session, taking online courses, and engaging in experiential learning.

For more information, please review the MFALP Program Planning Guidelines.