Master of Food and Agriculture Law and Policy (MFALP)

The Master of Food and Agriculture Law and Policy (MFALP) degree program is designed for students who want to pursue intensive study and practical training in food and agricultural law and policy. The MFALP degree program trains students to effectively engage the institutions and individuals that influence food and agriculture law and policy and to formulate law and policy solutions.

VLS master’s degrees are one-year programs designed for those who do not seek a professional law degree. Students can complete the 30-credit program in as little as 12 months but can take up to five years to obtain their degree.

Program Description

Taught by faculty affiliated with the school's Center for Agriculture and Food Systems, the MFALP program is designed for students who want to create the legal tools needed to innovate and support sustainable food and agriculture systems. The curriculum is comprised of food and agriculture law and policy classes, a wide range of electives that address different aspects of the food system, and courses in writing and advocacy. In addition, students may engage in independent research with faculty members or enroll in the Food and Agriculture Clinic. Experiential opportunities with state and federal agencies, industry, nonprofit organizations, and advocacy groups prepare graduates for careers in food and agriculture law and policy and advocacy. Online learning opportunities are available for students who wish to pursue a MFALP.

At A Glance

Program Center: Center for Agriculture and Food Systems
Location: Online, on-campus or a hybrid of both
Credit Requirements: 30 credits

Careers and Alumni

Vermont Law School master's graduates are the leaders, policymakers, and professionals our communities and our world most desperately need. Master’s alumni careers include:

  • Food Systems Advocate, Revolution Foods
  • Policy Consultant and Legislative Coordinator, Hawaii Center for Food Safety
  • Meat inspection Officer/Consumer Food Safety Regulator, USDA
  • Agricultural Water Quality Specialist, VT Agriculture Agency
  • Community Engagement Coordinator, Grow Food Northampton
  • Litigation Paralegal, Langrock Sperry & Wool, LLP
  • Content Manager, Food Tank, Mission Viejo, CA
  • Supplier Quality Assurance, Mars Inc.


Libby Reinish MFALP'16

Network Coordinator, PVGrows
A network coordinator with PVGrows in South Deerfield, MA, Libby works to connect a strong community of dedicated local food consumers, a rich agricultural economy, and many organizations committed to working together to advance a more connected food system within the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.