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Vermont Law School will continue with virtual classes during the fall semester. The physical campus will reopen as soon as it is safe to do so. VLS community members should download the Health Screening App and check their email for more information. Please visit for general information, resources, and updates.

JD Learning Outcomes

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Vermont Law School Juris Doctor (JD) learning outcomes:

Legal Literacy: Graduates will be able to analyze fundamental U.S. law and the role of law in society.

Legal Institutions: Graduates will be able to identify, define, and engage institutions and individuals within the legislative process, appropriate administrative agencies, court, and other governmental entities, that shape and influence development of law and policy.

Problem Solving: Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of and the ability to effectively apply basic legal practice skills. They should be able to diagnose legal problems, identify solutions, and set strategy for communicating, advocating for, and achieving those solutions.

Independent learning capacity: Graduate will be able to learn independently, including the ability to assess personal performance by recognizing strengths and weaknesses and developing strategies for improvement.

Professional Responsibility and Ethics: Graduates will be able to work respectfully, ethically, and productively with diverse clients and legal professionals. They should possess the skills needed to recognize and resolve dilemmas in an ethical manner.

Bar Exam Skills: Graduates will possess the skills needed to successfully perform on the bar examination taken.