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JD Learning Outcomes

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Vermont Law School Juris Doctor (JD) learning outcomes:

Professional Responsibility and Ethics: Graduates will be able to work respectfully, ethically, and productively with diverse clients and legal professionals. They should possess the skills needed to recognize and resolve dilemmas in an ethical manner.

Foundational and Substantive Legal Knowledge: Graduates will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of substantive and procedural law, and the role of law in society.

Foundational Legal and Advocacy Skills: Graduates will be able to independently and collaboratively engage in legal research, legal analysis and reasoning, and problem solving and communicate effectively and persuasively.

Bar Exam Preparedness and Skills: Graduates will possess the skills needed to successfully perform on the bar examination taken.

Service to Society: Graduates will understand an attorney’s obligation to engage in community and public service.

JD Degree Details

VLS Juris Doctor Degree Requirements
JD Degree Requirements
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How to Apply for JD Programs at VLS
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