Extended JD

Vermont Law School offers an extended four-year enrollment option for the JD program. Applicants with family, work, or life circumstances that preclude them from enrolling in the full three-year program, now have the opportunity to take fewer credits per semester and graduate in four academic years.

Students in the four-year extended program take 10 credits per semester and are considered a first-year student for two years. Tuition is billed at 80% of the current tuition rate each year for all four years.

Scholarships are available for students who enroll in the extended program and receive 80% of their scholarship funding each year. There is no separate application to apply, all admitted candidates are considered for scholarship funding.

There is no standard class schedule as we work with each student individually to develop a schedule that fits their needs. Following the completion of the second year, students will receive a class rank and become eligible for law review and extra-mural competitions.

The extended program does not include summer classes, giving students the option of taking the summer off or enrolling in the joint JD/MELP program.