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Juris Doctor/Master of Environmental Management (JD/MEM)


The Juris Doctor/Master of Environmental Management (JD/MEM) Program requires four years in residence at both schools—two and one-half years at VLS, and one and one-half years at Yale. Students should begin the program at VLS, as courses taken at Yale prior to beginning the JD at VLS cannot be applied to the JD degree. Students are required to meet the American Bar Association (ABA) requirements for attendance and curriculum at VLS, and satisfy all VLS JD graduation requirements. Students are also required to attend the Yale Environmental School Summer Modules and complete a Summer Internship Project required by the Yale MEM program.

The JD/MEM degree requires a total of 106 credits. Students in the program take a minimum of 72 credits at VLS and a minimum of 36 credits at Yale. VLS applies 12 of the credits earned at Yale toward the JD degree. These credits must be taken from a list of courses approved by both schools, available on request. Yale applies 12 of the credits earned at VLS toward the MEM degree.




Students interested in the VLS/Yale joint degree program are required to apply separately to each school. Each school admits students according to its own criteria for admission. Joint applicants may be discussed and coordinated by admissions officials at both schools, when appropriate. Students admitted to the one-year program at Yale are not eligible for this joint degree program.




Students admitted to the JD/MEM program are assigned joint program advisors in each school. These advisors assist with curriculum planning and similar matters. Advisors are faculty members familiar with the course requirements for both schools.





Each school applies its own grading system to the students in the program. Students must be in good academic standing at both schools to remain in the program.




Joint JD/MEM students may attend graduation at both schools. After completing all the degree requirements for both degrees, students will receive a diploma from each school. If a student fails to complete the joint degree program, or withdraws from it, the student must complete the full program at either school (VLS, 84 credits over three years; Yale, 48 credits over two years) before receiving a degree from that school.




Vermont Law School
800-227-1395 or 802-831-1239

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
800-825-0330 or 203-432-5106