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Vermont Law School offers three dual degree options with the University of Cergy-Pontoise, a prestigious law school ranked 3rd in France by the French Ministry of Education and 1st in Paris and suburbs by l'Etudiant, the leading student magazine in France.

JD/Master I &
JD/Master II/DJCE in Business Law (taught in French)

Both the JD/ Master I and JD/ Master II DJCE programs are designed for students with a mastery of the French language who are interested in pursuing a career in international law and policy, whether involving work in the United States or abroad. Employers in the international field increasingly are seeking students with knowledge of multiple legal systems, and with a mastery of at least one language in addition to English. Graduates of these programs will earn two degrees from distinguished schools of law, providing the dynamic legal foundation needed to represent or to regulate international businesses. Ordinarily, VLS students apply for the program during the second semester of their first year of law school. For more information, contact



Master I:

Droit et Ethique des affaires
Droit de l'entreprise
Droit fiscal des affaires
Droit penal européen
Droit de la concurrence et de la distribution
Droit international privé général&
Droit bancaire et bourse
Droit pénal des affaires
Droit des contrats spéciaux
Droit des enterprises en difficulté
Droit penal international
Procédure pénale

Master II:

Diplôme de Juriste Conseil d'Entreprise (DJCE)
Choix des structures sociétaires
Technique contractuelle
Droit de travail et contentieux social
Comptabilité et analyse financière
Ingénierie sociétaire
Droit des sociétés
- et un stage d'un minimum de 2 mois ( février et mars), une véritable immersion en cabinet ou entreprise pour acquérir une expérience



Course Work Specific to the JD/Masters I and II Program with Cergy-Pontoise


Students participating in this program must satisfy VLS graduation requirements during the first two years of law school. Some VLS graduation requirements may be satisfied by work completed in France, such as the perspectives course requirement.

Students must also complete the following courses at VLS before beginning course work in France:

  • Corporations (fall semester of second year)
  • Income Taxation
  • At least one course in each of the following categories:
    • Corporate Finance or Securities Regulation;
    • Bankruptcy, Business Planning, Commercial Arbitration, Employment Law, Environmental Issues in Business Transactions, International Business Transactions, International Intellectual Property, International Trade and the Environment, International Regulation of Trade, Sales, and Secured Transactions

    Additionally, students must complete the following courses before beginning Master level course work in France. These courses may be offered at VLS or in France, possibly in intensive sessions during the summer.

    • Introduction to the French Legal Method, French Legal System, and the French Civil Code
    • French Corporate Law

    At the conclusion of two or, at the applicant’s option, three years of study at Vermont Law School, students will begin their studies in France. The first year of studies will be at the University of Cergy-Pontoise at the Masters I level, with a specialization in business law. The second year of studies will be at the Masters II level, with advanced specialized course work in business law. French course work may include contract law, tax law, labor law, company law, corporate finance, commercial law, and trade regulation. During the period of study in France, VLS students will be subject to the same academic requirements as French students.

    Application Process and Eligibility

    Students will generally apply for admission to the dual degree programs in the spring semester of their first year at VLS. Ordinarily, applicants must be in the top half of their class at the time of application and must maintain that academic standing. The applicants must have demonstrated a sufficient mastery of any foreign language required in order to take classes and examinations in that language.

    A limited number of students may participate in these programs. Selections will be made on the basis of multiple factors, including: educational goals, academic standing, level of language proficiency, timeliness of application, and one's demonstrated interest in the country and the subjects in which the dual degree program specializes. Details regarding deadlines for application and the actual application process will be provided for interested students at the International Programs informational sessions held fall and spring semesters, or by contacting


    At the conclusion of four or five years of study, students will earn a Juris Doctor degree from Vermont Law School and a Cergy-Pontoise Master I degree (specializing in either Business Law or Law and Business Ethics), or both a Master I and a Master II DJCE degree. Students awarded a JD/ Master II degree will be qualified to take the examinations and the Paris Bar.

Image: Johann H. Addicks [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons