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Adversity, Trauma and Victimization

About this Course

This course will explore the legal, historical, cultural, and psychological frameworks underlying victim rights law, as well as best practices for effective victim/survivor engagement across the American criminal justice system. Topics will include: 1) the history of victim rights and victim/survivor services in the United States, to include the violence against women and/or Mothers Against Drunk Driving movements, the array of state responses (funding, agency-based direct service, correctional/institutional, etc.); 2) statutory, constitutional, evidentiary, and procedural schemes intended to protect and give voice to crime victims in both traditional and restorative criminal justice processes; 3) the psychology and brain science of trauma and how to competently address trauma in direct service/representation of victims; 4) ethical challenges; 5) interviewing techniques; and 6) theories and strategies for effectively managing vicarious/secondary trauma as a legal or restorative justice practitioner in the field.

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Restorative Justice