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Jurisprudence Courses

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Find a variety of Jurisprudence Courses that are currently available to students listed below.

Jurisprudence Courses

7303/Federal Courts

An analysis of the sources of and limitations on the federal judicial power. Particular emphasis is placed upon the relationship between the state and federal judicial system.

7307/Culture and the Environment

Interdisciplinary seminar that combines the study of cultural ecology with legal anthropology. The course examines the historical roots of the current environmental crisis in the development of agriculture, urbanization and industrialization. The course focuses on the political and cultural challenges of climate change in other historical periods and the challenges that global warming presents in different parts of the world. Perspective & AWR

7320/Judicial Opinion Writing

Explores the opinion-writing process from several theoretical and practical perspectives. Students draft law clerk memos and judicial opinions based on the briefs and records in actual state and federal cases.

7323/The Law and Popular Culture

Explores images of law and lawyers in popular films as well as the influences of popular film upon legal practice. Topics studied through the films include Legal Actors and Institutions --such as Law Students, Lawyers and Legal Ethics, Clients, Witnesses, Judges and Juries-- and legal subject matter areas, such as Tort Law, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, Family Law, Business Law, International Law and Military Law. An AWR