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General Practice Courses

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Take the next step to becoming a General Practice lawyer with the courses listed below.​

General Practice Courses

7810/Commercial Transactions

A simulation-based introduction to the negotiation, drafting, performance and enforcement of such agreements in a simulation context, with a particular emphasis on the interpretation and understanding of Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code, and an overview of the impact of U.C.C. Articles 9 (secured transactions) and 3 (negotiable instruments) as they impact on these transactions.

7813/Real Estate Practice Lab

A simulation-based survey of real estate transactions. Students search, review, and analyze titles; counsel clients; negotiate real estate transactions; and draft of documents for real estate closings.

7815/Municipal Law

A simulation-based introduction to the various issues faced by lawyers representing local government entities. Students will participate in and become familiar with the procedures for challenging or defending actions taken by municipalities.

7817/GPP:Criminal Law Bail to Jail

This simulation-based course provides exposure to the process and procedure of criminal trial court. Students act as prosecutors and defense attorneys in a criminal matter, from arraignment and bail hearing through plea bargain. Students draft motions, engage in plea negotiations, and perform bail, plea, and sentencing hearings.

7823/GPP:Bankruptcy Lab

A simulation-based introduction to consumer bankruptcy. Students interview prospective bankruptcy client, prepare bankruptcy schedules, learn about the role of the bankruptcy trustee, determine the appropriate bankruptcy chapter for each client; discern whether any litigation may arise within the bankruptcy case; and argue motions on behalf of their clients. A hands-on introduction to Landlord/Tenant law is also offered. Students will complete several tasks, such as negotiating a lease agreement, and exchanging eviction pleadings.