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Alternative Dispute Resolution Courses

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View Alternative Dispute Resolution courses available to students. Courses below can help satisfy degree and certificate program requirements.

Alternative Dispute Resolution Courses

6410/Alternative Dispute Resolution

This course presents the theory and practice of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration that constitute the foundation of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) through lecture and simulations.  Examines the different theories and approaches to ADR, as well as the wide range of issues that arise in the selection and application of these dispute resolution techniques.


Examines the nature of mediation and explores theoretical and practical aspects of the process. The course analyzes each component of the mediation process and provides students with the opportunity to apply theories and skills in simulation exercises.

6413/Mediation Advocacy

Designed to teach students how to be effective advocates in the mediation setting.  Students will learn to counsel clients for mediation, how to prepare a mediation plan, select a mediator, as well as effective participation in mediation.

6415/Environmental Dispute Resolution

Explores the range of processes that are used to resolve environmental disputes with particular emphasis on consensual processes such as negotiation and mediation. Instruction will be based on lectures and discussions of the theory of dispute resolution and environmental law and simulations to practice the skills needed to resolve environmental disputes.


This interactive workshop examines the dynamics, constraints, and skills of the negotiation process. It focuses equally on the use of negotiation in planning and dispute resolution. Students learn specific techniques through simulation experiences, and issues related to the use of negotiation are addressed through classroom discussions.