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Application Process and Deadlines

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To begin the enrollment process, please read through the FAQ completely, then click the image above to submit an externship program application by the deadline.

Vermont Law and Graduate School offers eligible 4th, 5th, or 6th semester students the opportunity to work in the field for JD credit. Externship courses are designed to meet each student's individualized goals for skill development and to allow for further experience in the legal profession prior to graduation. Our program goal is to create an individualized experience that meets each student's interests in a preferred geographic location and in a particular type of practice, policy work, judicial chambers, or other professional work setting where a law license or degree is utilized or required.

Externship courses for JD credit are offered only in the Fall and Spring semesters. Accelerated JD candidates must plan carefully with academic advisors because these courses are not offered during summer term.

Eligibility is limited to students with a 2.40 or higher cumulative GPA in the semester before the externship semester. Please contact us for more information regarding the GPA requirement. Students must meet application deadlines in order to remain eligible to enroll in an externship course.



  • Traditional JD students must apply in the fall of their 2L year
    • Applications for 2L spring (4th semester) are due September 15
    • Applications for 3L year (fall or spring) (5th or 6th semester) are due November 1
  • Accelerated JD students apply in the fall of their 1L year
    • Applications for all semesters (4th, 5th, or 6th) are due November 1
    • Remember: there are no JD externships during the summer term

If you missed the deadline but now want to participate, ask to be added to the numbered waitlist by emailing us at Upon receipt of your complete application, you will be added to the waitlist. There is no guarantee students will be admitted off of the waitlist. Make sure you have other plans in place to meet your experiential credit degree requirement.

Note: Submitting an application by November 1 does not mean you are committing to enroll in an externship but it does preserve your option to do so. All students who think an externship may be in their plans, should apply by the November 1 deadline.

Externship faculty may employ a lottery to balance enrollment for the Fall and Spring semesters in any given academic year. Lottery results will be posted by December 1 of the year preceding the externship. Those students moved by the lottery from a preferred semester to a non-preferred semester may ask to be placed on the waitlist for their preferred semester.



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To begin the enrollment process, please read through the FAQ completely, then click the image above to submit an externship program application by the deadline.

VLGS's externship program is extraordinarily flexible with many new placements created each semester. Consequently, enrollment into an externship course is only by permission of the Director of JD Externships. General conversations with a location about the type of work they do and if they ever take externs is allowed but setting up an externship at a potential work site is not permitted without the express approval of an externship faculty member.

Students may ONLY enroll in these courses through a placement process established by the Director of JD Externships. Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding the program, enrollment and placement processes, course descriptions, work requirements, and credits. You must comply with the requirements and restrictions of our processes to remain eligible for an externship course. You will be asked to certify in your application that you have read and understood all our program materials, including the FAQ.