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EAC in the News

The New York Times: Biden Aims to End Arctic Drilling. A Trump-Era Law Could Foil His Plans.
“Biden’s going to have to do another Arctic drilling lease sale no matter what,” said Patrick Parenteau.
June 02, 2021
Bloomberg Law: Biden Era Brings Legal Disappointments for Environmental Groups
“It’s worse when your friends disappoint you,” Vermont Law School professor Patrick Parenteau said.
June 01, 2021

Recent Stories

Students sit by the White River on VLS campus.
Clinic Co-Pilots Legislation to Protect Vermont…
Read how EAC students helped pass a new bill that will protect Vermont surface waters and make the state more resilient against climate change. 
Fred Tutman paddles a canoe.
Changing the Tide
The EAC's Mason Overstreet hosts a podcast episode featuring Fred Tutman, the only Black waterkeeper in the United States.
NY Community Stands Up to Polluters
Does filling a person’s body with toxic chemicals constitute injury?