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2018 Fall

About This Class

This course will focus on the composition and organization of legislatures and the Congress, legislative procedure, and the interpretation of statutes – the legislative product. The course will also explore the extent and limits of legislative powers vis-a-vis the executive and judicial branches of the federal and state governments. This course is actually two courses in one: a course on legal theory, and a course on legal writing. In that vein, it has both a theory component and a practical skills component, both of which are reflected in the weekly assignments. Most weeks students have a reading assignment from the curse texts and a drafting exercise to prepare prior to class. Drafting exercises may include fact and legal research memoranda, bills, amendments, and committee presentations. Students who complete this course will establish a strong foundation in the theory and practice of the legislative process, the roles of participants in that process, and improved research, writing, and communication skills.

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