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JD Part-Time Externship




2018 Fall

About This Class

The Part-Time JD Externship Program is a field-based externship in which student’s apprentice (without pay) with lawyers in all areas of practice. The part-time externship program is appropriate for students interested in self-directed learning under the supervision of an experienced legal professional working with and within: government (state, federal and local), NGO's, non-profit organizations, corporations and law firms. The Part-Time Externship provides students an opportunity to participate in a range of lawyering tasks so that they develop an improved understanding of the legal process and of legal problems at all stages of resolution. Components and Requirements of the Part-Time JD Externship Course: There are two different components to the Part-Time JD Externship program: a practicum component and an academic component. Students are provided supervision in each aspect of the program. For the practicum component, students are designated an on-site attorney supervisor. For the classroom component, each student is assigned a faculty supervisor from Vermont Law School. A mandatory seminar component is included with pass/fail evaluation and there is no additional credit for the seminar. The Externship faculty has the option on a semester by semester basis of doing either individual conference sessions or regular classroom sessions. All students are required to participate in an orientation during the first week of the externship semester. Credits and Grading: Students enrolled in the part-time program must work three hours per week, on average, for 15 weeks for each credit earned. For example, a six credit externship requires 2.4 days or 18 hours of work per week. Students may earn from four to six credits depending on the time committed. Students take classes on-campus during the semester in addition to participating in a JD externship. Eligibility: 1. Students who are in their 4th, 5th and 6th semester who have a GPA of 2.4 or higher are eligible to participate. 2. Timely submission of a request to enroll form and submission of required materials (a list of required materials is included on the request to enroll form). Application Deadlines: 1. In order to participate in a Fall Part-Time JD Externship, students must complete the request to enroll by April 1st. 2. In order to participate in a Spring Part-Time JD Externship, students must complete the request to enroll by September 30th. Satisfies the skills requirement.

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