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Legal Activism



2017 Spring

About This Class

This course examines the principles and practices of legal activism and lawyering for social change. Combining theoretical and practical approaches, the course uses historical and contemporary examples of political lawyering to expose students to a wide variety of mechanisms for effective advocacy including impact litigation, legislative advocacy, community organizing, fund-raising and financing, education, media-strategies, civil disobedience and engagement. By developing an understanding of strategies for problem-solving and their historical context, students will gain perspective on social movements individually and in connection to each other in the context of activist lawyering. Through the use of simulations, group projects and written and oral advocacy, students will be encouraged to think creatively about social change and to and develop skills to creatively problem-solve large social issues. It is a goal of the course that students develop the knowledge, tools and confidence to apply effective strategies to promote social change.

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