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Energy Regulation and the Environment




2017 Spring

About This Class

This course builds on the fall course Energy Law and Policy in a Carbon-Constrained World. The course exposes students to the legal, economic, and environmental policy issues involved in both energy regulation and competitive energy markets, focusing on electricity. The course examines the evolution, theory and techniques of rate of return regulation and explains how utilities are regulated, including alternative regulatory models. The course then examines evolving competitive, wholesale electricity markets including the development of Regional Transmission Organizations and rules and practice of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.  Topics studied include transmission expansion for renewable energy, demand response, and the emergence of distributed energy resources.  Finally, the course exposes students to the law, policy and markets for clean energy including energy efficiency, renewable portfolio standards, net metering, renewable energy credits and other emerging policies.
Prerequisites: Energy Law and Policy or Instructor's Permission.

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Environmental Law