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Semester In Practice



2017 Spring

About This Class

The Semester in Practice (SiP) Program is a field-based externship in which students apprentice (without pay) with lawyers in all areas of practice.  The SiP is appropriate for students interested in self-directed learning under the supervision of an experienced legal professional who are experienced lawyers or professionals with a JD (where appropriate) who work with and within: government (state, federal and local), NGO's, non-profit organizations, corporations and law firms.  The SiP provides an opportunity – through observation, participation, practice, and reflection – to improve students’ legal knowledge and skills and to inform and expand their vision of what the practice and profession of law can be.
Components and Requirements of the SiP Course:  There are two different components to the SiP program:  a practicum component and a classroom component.  Students are provided supervision in each aspect of the program.  For the practicum component, students are designated an on-site attorney supervisor.  For the classroom component, each student is assigned a faculty supervisor from Vermont Law School.  All students are required to participate in a five-day on-line orientation prior to the first day of work on-site.
Credits and Grading:  Students enrolled in the full time program work for 15 weeks, full-time according to the schedule of their assigned office, and receive 11 experiential credits and 2 classroom credits.  Experiential credits are awarded on a pass-fail basis and classroom credits are letter-graded.
1.      Students who are in their 4th, 5th and 6th semester who have a GPA of 2.4 or higher are eligible to participate.
2.      Timely submission of a request to enroll form and submission of required materials (a list of required materials is included on the request to enroll form).
Application Deadlines:
1.      In order to participate in a Fall SiP, students must complete the request to enroll by February 1st.
2.      In order to participate in a Spring SiP, students must complete the request to enroll by September 30th.
Satisfies the skills requirement.

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