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Dispute Resolution Clinic




2017 Spring

About This Class

This clinical offering trains students to mediate. While training, students observe and will later conduct mediations in various Vermont and New Hampshire courts. The course begins with an intensive skills session in the form of a day-long training session scheduled for Monday, January 9th before the start of spring classes. Attendance at this session is MANDATORY. Students interested in taking the course MUST attend the Monday session. No exceptions can be made. There will also be one Saturday training session, presently scheduled for February 4th. This session is also mandatory. Weekly seminars will focus on course readings regarding conflict theory, mediation techniques, litigation strategies, public policy and social justice issues, as well as ethical and licensing concerns. A portion of each class will be devoted to clinic-style rounds, enabling students to present the cases they have observed or mediated for discussion and feedback. Students will be asked to analyze mediation practice and conflict theory from the various perspectives of mediator, attorney advocate, parties and client. Professor Barone administers small claims mediation programs in three New Hampshire courts (Lebanon District Court, North Haverhill, and Littleton District Court). Students will be able to observe and later mediate in those courts. Professor Barone will also arrange shadowing opportunities with practicing Vermont attorney-mediators, so that the students can observe civil mediations at the Superior Court level. Students will need to provide their own transportation to and from the various courts throughout Vermont, and/or to Lebanon NH and Littleton NH. Method of Evaluation: Pass/Fail (Does not satisfy AWR) MELP: Distributional requirement - Alternative Dispute Resolution. This is a limited enrollment course (8)

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