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Advanced EnvNat ResLaw Clinic 6



2017 Spring

About This Class

Advanced ENRLC provides students an opportunity to take the Clinic for a second semester and build on their previous ENRLC experiences.  Students will further develop their understanding of relevant substantive law and the lawyering skills introduced in the initial Clinic course.  They will be expected to take greater responsibility for counseling clients, developing cases, and reaching resolutions consistent with client goals.  They will also be expected to help novice clinicians approach the work of the Clinic.  In pursuing these advanced competencies, students will develop their leadership and decision-making skills and gain greater insight into the challenges and rewards of professional practice. 
Classroom Component and Clinic Hours: Required classes two days/week—one hour fifteen minutes each class.  Generally each week, one class is Case Review and one class is Seminar.  Though Advanced ENRLC students will not be required to participate in every Seminar, they are required to participate in every Case Review.  Students who enroll in Advanced ENRLC may not enroll in courses that conflict with the two/days a week ENRLC classes.  A student’s schedule for the student’s other Clinic hours will be determined by the individual student in consultation with clinical faculty at the beginning of the semester.
Prerequisite: ENRLC.
Registration: Only by permission of the ENRLC Director.  A student interested in Advanced ENRLC should speak with clinical faculty about doing the Clinic for a second semester.  Selection is dependent upon space, case needs, and the student’s previous record in the Clinic.  If the student is selected for Advanced ENRLC, the ENRLC will provide the Registrar’s Office with the student’s name, and the Registrar will register the student.

Class Code