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South Royalton Legal Clinic Class A & B



2017 Spring

About This Class

Classroom component:
Fall 2016-- two sections, students must attend one of the following daily for the first 3 weeks:  8:30 -- 9:45 AM or 2:10 -- 3:25 PM. NOTE: For both Fall sections, classes are held as scheduled Monday – Friday for the first 5 weeks.  There are 5 consecutive class days to start; after that 11 (eleven) class days are spread throughout the following 4 weeks.
Registration:  You must apply to enroll in SRLC through the VLS Clinical Communication application system.
Assessment of students’ performance in the classroom portion and representation of clients will be made by the Clinic faculty on a pass/fail basis (“pass honors” and “low pass” are other possible designations). 
NOTE: Part-time and full-time students who enroll in the Clinic may not enroll in courses that conflict with the Clinic’s introductory session; they should also realize that occasional conflicts may arise between court hearings (and similar commitments) and daytime classes, in which case client obligations prevail. 
Satisfies Experiential requirement.

Class Code