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Intro to eLawyering



2017 Spring

About This Class

​This introductory course focuses on how new technologies affect the practice of law.  Topics are segmented in to three discrete areas of study:  Virtual Law Practice; Document Assembly and Expert Systems; and eDiscovery and Big Data.  The virtual law practice section offers students a brief glimpse of the promise of virtual practice as well as the practical details and ethical considerations of setting up such a practice.  The section covering document assembly and expert systems demonstrates the efficiency of these systems while offering students an opportunity to work hands-on with the technical tools.  The eDiscovery and big data section also covers aspects of knowledge management and the use of technology as a tool in litigation.   Practice management components are interwoven throughout the course with special emphasis on the intersection of these tools with the eDiscovery process.  Each section of the course will focus on what now constitutes legal practice and how technology has disrupted the status quo.  The course also considers the secondary effects on law, lawyering and the legal profession likely to arise from the addition of technology to many legal tasks.  A one day trip to LegalTech in New York City is a required portion of this course.
Method of evaluation:  Three projects and class participation will be the basis for the class grade.

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Business Law