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Mediation Advocacy



2017 Spring

About This Class

THIS IS AN INTENSIVE COURSE TO BE OFFERED OVER THE COURSE OF 4 DAYS.  The designated days are:January 27(2:10 - 6:30), January 28(8:00 - 6:30), February 17(2:10 - 6:30) and February 18(8:00 - 6:30),
Working with a mediator to help clients resolve cases is an essential skill for the modern lawyer.  Mediation Advocacy will allow students to examine the theory and practice of how to be effective advocates for their clients in the mediation setting.  Students will develop this competency by exploring the various models of mediation.  The course will take students through all aspects of client representation, from counseling regarding ADR methods, selecting cases for mediation, selecting a mediator, writing mediation briefs and agreements, pivotal legal issues, and effective advocacy in the mediation session.  This course will rely heavily on role-plays to practice many of the skills needed to effectively represent a party in mediation.
Classroom time will consist of lectures, discussion, role-play and critique.
Method of Evaluation: Performance in simulations, participation in-class and a final negotiation (Does not satisfy AWR)
MELP:  Distributional requirement - Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Class Code