Agriculture and Food Entrepreneur Lawyering Skill



2016 Fall

About This Class

Agriculture and Food Entrepreneurial Law teaches the nuts and bolts of providing legal services to farmers and food entrepreneurs (producers/retailers/restaurants), drawing from the rich examples of farmer and food entrepreneurs locally. Such skills are needed to equip students with real world legal knowledge for those students seeking to provide legal services in this area or who wish to start an entrepreneurial career in food and agriculture. Classes will occur for the first 8 weeks of the semester, starting with Thursday January 14th and ending with Thursday March 3rd, to present the substantive content. For the rest of March and the first week of April (Tuesday March 8th through Thursday April 14th), no regular classes will be held. Students will work on a writing project, attend public/governmental meetings, and have regular contact with professors via email, phone, video-conference, and the like. For the last two weeks of the semester, classes will resume, consisting of role-playing and discussion of content as applied to a hypothetical legal situation

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Environmental Law