Certificate in Criminal Law

The Certificate in Criminal Law provides students with broad-based, comprehensive training in the law and skills needed to become prosecutors, defenders, or to practice criminal law in a private firm setting.

In order to receive the Criminal Law Certificate, students must earn at least 14 credits with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 from the following courses and satisfy the writing requirement as outlined below.


  • REQ7140 - Criminal Law (3) AND
  • CRI7262 - Constitutional Criminal Procedure (3) OR
  • CRI7307 - Criminal Practice & Procedure (4)


  • CRI7350 - Criminal Law Clinic or a part-time externship or a full-time SIP in a prosecutor's or defender's office or a part-time or full-time judicial externship where 50% or more of the student's time is spent on criminal matters (6-13 credits depending on whether placement is part-time or full-time). AND
  • LIT7220 - Trial Practice (3) OR
  • LIT7318 - Intensive Trial Practice (2 or 3 credits depending on whether the student is selected to compete in the Texas Young Lawyers' Association Trial Competition)


  • A substantial written work on a criminal law topic approved by the Faculty Coordinator of the Criminal Law Certificate. This requirement may be satisfied by any of the following:
    • A law review note submitted and approved to satisfy the AWR requirement
    • An AWR written in conjunction with a criminal law seminar or other class
    • An AWR written as part of an Independent Research Project
    • An AWR written to satisfy the AWR requirement but not otherwise for academic credit
    • A substantial written work that would satisfy the AWR requirements if submitted as an AWR