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PEL invites the VLS community to join us monthly for a group discussion over tea and treats on environmental governance issues in Asia. Topics vary depending on presenter interests. Contact PEL Program Coordinator if you would like to lead a discussion.

Past Presentations

July 2018 - Douglas Whitehead (PEL Fellow; MELP '20) - Elephant Ivory Trade Regulation

June 2018 - Gianna Petito (PEL Program and Development Officer) - Chinese Electric Industry Structure and Function for Greening the Grid.

April 2018 - This month we had a round-robin of presentations on student papers from Professor Lin's course Comparative Environmental Law Research Seminar. In order of appearance:

  • Amanda Carrington (JD '19) - Renewable Energy Regulations and the Friends of Nature v. Gansu Electric Power Grid

  • Nicole Webbert (JD '19) - Marine Protected Areas in California and China

  • Marcelo Dias (LLM '18) - Forest Law and Governance in Brazil and China

March 2018 - Xiaoyu Zhang (PEL Assistant Director) - Environmental Public Interest Litigation in China

February 2018 - Jack Tuholske (PEL Faculty Advisor) - Opportunities in China

January 2018 - Gabriela McMurtry (JD '20) - Sustainable Fisheries*

*Please note this was our first attempt at filming the presentations and learned the videos within the presentation have no sound. If you'd like to review those videos here are the links:

December 2017 - Brian Nguyen (JD '20) - Asian Voter Representation

November 2017 - Renee Val Fajardo (JD/MELP '18) - Bayanihan