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Publications List

Often working with Vermont Law School students, Prof. Janet Milne has published on a wide array of environmental topics.  Please see the publications noted on the Institute’s homepage, the volumes of Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation: International and Comparative Perspectives, Volumes I through XIX (J. Milne, co-editor), and publications listed on Professor Milne’s c.v.  In addition, you can find copies of some of the publications at the following links:

Janet E. Milne, Carbon Pricing in the Northeast: Looking through a Legal Lens, 70 National Tax Journal 885 (2017).

Janet E. Milne, Storms Ahead: Climate Change Adaptation Calls for Resilient Funding, 39 Vermont Law Review 819 (2015).

Janet E. Milne, Environmental Taxation in the United States: The Long View, 15 Lewis and Clark Law Review 417 (2011).

Janet E. Milne, Watersheds: Runoff from the Tax Code, 34 Vermont Law Review 883 (2010).

The Reality of Carbon Taxes in the 21st Century, A Joint Project of the Environmental Tax Policy Institute and the Vermont Journal of Environmental Law. (Janet Milne et al., 2009).

Janet E. Milne, Carbon Taxes in the United States: The Context for the Future, 10 Vermont Journal of Environmental Law 1 (2009).