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The Center for Justice Reform is excited to welcome students, lawyers, professionals from across other disciplines, and interested community members to learn about restorative justice during our Summer Session.

Restorative justice invites a different approach to harm and conflict, one that focuses on healing and repair. While as complex and unique as truly every human, a restorative process is equally as flexible and adaptable across situations and systems. Its adaptability offers tremendous hope for overcoming broken relationships, harm caused, and adversarial systems, while building deeper connection and understanding in all communities, personal and professional.

The Summer Session is a time to explore your interest in restorative justice and is open to students from other graduate schools, nationally and internationally, as well as non-degree students and professionals. Whether you are focusing on core required classes, exploring an area of interest through an elective or toward a Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice, our Summer Session offers a variety of options to meet your needs and interests.

Summer CJR Schedule
Summer Schedule
Immerse yourself in restorative justice topics during our summer course term.
Summer CJR Faculty
Summer Faculty
Meet the VLS and visiting faculty teaching this summer's Center for Justice Reform Summer Session.

Summer Session Resources

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Summer Session Application for non-degree-seeking students

Summer FAQ »

Covering the most common questions asked about VLGS Summer Session