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SUMMER 2023 Online Term 1 - May 15 - July 2

Instructor Course No. Course Credits
Susie/John RSJ7115.1 Principles of Restorative Justice *HJD 3
Desiree Anderson RSJ7330 RJ in Ed. Institutions 3
David Cahill RSJ7355 Police Use of Force 3
Sarah Scanlon RSJ7320 New Approaches to DV/SV 3

SUMMER 2023 Online Term 2 - July 10 - August 27

Instructor Course No. Course Credits
David Cahill RSJ7270 Clemency Pardons Expungement 3
Sean Horrigan RSJ7115.1 Principles 3
Cara Cookson RSJ7360 Advanced Victim Rights 3
Keriann Stout RSJ5122.1 Communication Advocacy and Leadership 3

SUMMER 2023 Residential Courses

Instructor Course No. Course Day/Time Course Credits
Erika Sasson RSJ7110 Term 1- 5/30-6/2 RJ Theory and Practice 2
Jessica Brown and Aviance Brown RSJ7340 Term 1- 6/5-6/15 Race Crimes and RJ 3
Inga Laurent and Nicole Rosenkrantz RSJ7371 Term 2: 6/19 - 6/29 Youth Justice Reimagined 3
Thomas Reed RSJ7230 Term 3 (7/10-7/20) RJ in Indigenous Communities 3
Karen Tronsgard-Scott RSJ7320 Term 4 (7/24-8/3) New Approaches to DV/SV 3





Killington Pond, Vermont
Center for Justice Reform Summer
The VLGS Center for Justice Reform Summer Session provides an RJ focus for students attending other law schools.
Summer CJR Faculty
Summer Faculty
Meet the VLS and visiting faculty teaching this summer's Center for Justice Reform Summer Session.

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