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The National Center on Restorative Justice is thrilled to invite submissions to “Reimagining Justice,” a Restorative Justice Art Gallery.

This year, we are expanding the scope to invite all artistic mediums to creatively represent a restorative approach to justice-making or to advance public understanding and implementation of restorative justice through a creative endeavor. This could include:

  • Visual images (drawings, paintings, photographs, etc.)
  • Films
  • Poetry
  • Sculptures
  • Short stories
  • Screen plays
  • Street art
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Creative demonstrations
  • Any other artistic medium of your choice!

All entries should be submitted by email to by 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, November 12, 2021.

Please include the following information:

  1. First and last name
  2. Email address
  3. Title of your submission
  4. A brief (one page) artist statement discussing your submission. Please answer the following questions:
    1. Please describe how specifically your submission is related to or represents restorative justice.
    2. Please describe your process in creating your submission.
    3. What do you hope that viewers will take away from viewing or engaging with your submission?
    4. Please share a little bit about you! What is your connection to restorative justice? Is this a youth submission (are you under 18 years old)?

All submissions will be featured in a virtual Restorative Justice Art Gallery from November, 22 - 28, 2021 in celebration of International Restorative Justice week.

Long-term, a virtual gallery of all submissions will be featured on the National Center on Restorative Justice website and will become part of the public domain. Please note that the National Center on Restorative Justice reserves the right to not post a submission deemed inappropriate for a general audience in the art show gallery and on the website. If this decision is made, the reason will be communicated to the artist.

Please share this call for submissions widely (using the social share buttons above)!

Center for Artistic Activism Workshop

As you prepare your entry, we are excited to offer you an opportunity to participate in a two-session workshop with the Center for Artistic Activism free of charge! The Center for Artistic Activism helps people use their creativity and culture to effect change. The facilitators will tailor the workshop for artists participating in this call for submissions, so the sessions will focus specifically on how to advance restorative justice through artistic means. In between the two sessions, artists will have time to develop their ideas and get feedback from the workshop facilitators.

  • Session 1: Wednesday November 3rd from 12-2pm EST
  • Session 2: Wednesday November 10th from 12-2pm EST

Please plan to attend both sessions. If you are unable to make the workshop times, but would like to receive a recording, please fill out the registration form at the link below and select "Please send video".

Register for the Center for Artistic Activism Workshop here.

This project is supported by Grant No. 2020-MU-CX-K001 awarded by the Bureau of Justice Assistance. The Bureau of Justice Assistance is a component of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs, which also includes the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the National Institute of Justice, the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, the Office for Victims of Crime, and the SMART Office. Points of view, images, or opinions in this document and are those of the author and do not necessarily represent the official position or policies of the U.S. Department of Justice.