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Restorative Justice Certificate Program Alumni Highlights

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Please enjoy a few highlights of experiences shared by alumni graduates of the Restorative Justice Certificate Program, and hear how their experience at VLGS contributed to their careers.


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Ebony Wiley-Campbell

Did your understanding of restorative justice change after taking courses at VLGS? If so, how?

My understanding leveled up. Furthermore, my thoughts around power, oppression and colonialism’s effects on disenfranchised communities needing to be taken into consideration for understanding people holistically were also affirmed. From learning about various indigenous practices of RJ across the globe, to the importance of pre-conferencing and ultimately learning about the courage and empathy shown by those who choose to be part of this work. The stories shared in all my courses from case studies, students, staff, community organizations/organizers, families, ones who have been harmed and those who have caused harm, all helped me understand the complexity of the human experience and the need for grace even more deeply.


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Amy Quinn

How have you been able to apply the tools and practices you learned from the Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice in your career and/or personal life?

Completing this program has been rigorous, transdisciplinary, and powerfully compelling. It has changed the way I approach so many things: as an attorney, a parent, an advocate, a friend and a community member. I only wish I had found it earlier in my career. With this knowledge and experience, I'm excited to continue to grow, learn and make change, both inside and outside of my career, and I'm ever so grateful to the Adirondack Foundation and Vermont Law and Graduate School for this extraordinary opportunity as their 2021 scholarship recipient in this incredible program.


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Michelle Bos-Lun

How have you been able to apply the tools and practices you learned from the Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice in your career and/or personal life?

I am currently looking into legislative possibilities that might help expand restorative practices to schools around Vermont.

Are there any insights or advice you would offer to someone currently considering applying for this certificate program?

The courses are very intensive, but very valuable. The professors are top notch and provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that can't easily be encountered outside of a classroom.


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Renae Griggs

Was there one class that stood out for you? Why?

The class that had and continues to have the most profound impact on me is Police Use of Force. I think the reasons are related to my actual field experience, and what I myself observed over the years in my police career. This enabled me to instantly apply the new material I was learning to what I already knew from being in the trenches, with the added benefit of both the intense historical and legal context that is fundamental to the present day horrors of the abuse of power in policing. Perhaps the most shocking and thereby most continuously memorable is the pivotal role of the United States Supreme Court in the perpetuation of this abuse from decades and decades ago to today. When I studied constitutional law and the Supreme Court's influence in criminal cases while in the police academy, my knowledge was narrowed by the law enforcement lens. This specific class at VLGS blew the doors off those limitations. It is very difficult for me to articulate how I could actually feel my perspective growing exponentially while attending this course. It was a vigorous workout with a tangible result. Like a person walking out of a dense fog into the brightness of the noon day sun - I saw truth with clarity to a degree I had not before. This class continues to affect me dramatically to this day and I believe will have a direct influence on the trajectory of my purpose from here.