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Master of Arts in Restorative Justice (MARJ) Degree Requirements

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​​​​Required courses are subject to change. For more​ information, please view the latest Academic Regulations or contact the Office of the Registrar:​

  • A minimum of 30 credits, including all required courses
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.2 for successful completion of the degree
  • Students have up to 5 years from the date of matriculation to complete the MARJ

Required Courses

All of the following courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
​​RSJ7115 Principles of Restorative Justice 3
​RSJ7110 Restorative Justice Theory and Practice 2
RSJ7120 Origins, Evolution and Critical Issues in Restorative Justice 3
REQ7186 Legislation and Regulation or Legislation and Regulation Survey 3


Experiential/Writing Courses

You must have a minimum of (3) Credits from the following:
Course Code Course Title Credits
RSJ7215 Narrative Writing Seminar 3
WRI7301 Advanced Writing Seminar 3
ENV5122 Communications, Advocacy, and Leadership 3


Core Electives

At least (9) Credits from the following core electives:
Course Code Course Title Credits
RSJ7350 Ethics and Restorative Justice 3
RSJ7325 Advanced Restorative Practices 2
RSJ7330 Restorative Justice in Educational Institutions 3
CRI7319 Juvenile Justice 3
RSJ7230 Restorative Justice in Indigenous Communities 3
RSJ7250 Global Restorative Justice 3
REQ7140 Criminal Law 3
CLI9405 Advanced Criminal Law Seminar 2
RSJ7320 New Approaches to Domestic and Sexual Violence 3
ADR6420 Negotiation 2
RSJ7210 Adversity, Trauma, and Victimization 3
RSJ7360 Advanced Victim Rights Seminar 3
RSJ7270 Clemency, Pardons, Expungement 3
  Externship 4



Any remaining courses may be chosen from the approved list in the Academic Regulations.


Note: This page is offered as a quick, simplified glance of a complex topic. Please consult the Academic Regulations for full and official degree requirements.​

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