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LLM in American Legal Studies Degree Requirements

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​​​Required courses are subject to change. For more​ information, please view the latest Academic Regulations or contact the Office of the Registrar:​​.​

28 Credits

Required Courses

All of the following courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
REQ7112 Constitutional Law 4
REQ7104 Civil Procedure I 2
REQ7103 Civil Procedure II 3
REQ7130 Contracts 4
REQ7150 Torts 4
REQ7140 Criminal Law 3
REQ7160 Property 4
REQ7120 Legal Analysis and Writing I 1
REQ7122 Legal Research 1


New York Bar Courses

All of the following courses are required for the New York Bar:
Course Code Course Title Credits
REQ7265 Legal Profession 3

Remaining credits to meet the degree requirements (28 minimum and 33 maximum) may be fulfilled with electives approved by the ICLP Director.

Note: This page is offered as a quick, simplified glance of a complex topic. Please consult the Academic Regulations for full and official degree requirements.​