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JD Degree Requirements

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​​​Required courses are subject to change. For more​ information, please view the latest Academic Regulations or contact the Office of the Registrar:​​.​

​​87 credits​​

Required Courses

All of the following courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
REQ7255 Appellate Advocacy 3
REQ7104 Civil Procedure I 3
REQ7103 Civil Procedure II 2
REQ7112 Constitutional Law 4
REQ7130 Contracts 4
REQ7140 Criminal Law 3
LIT7210 Evidence 4
REQ7120 Legal Analysis and Writing I 1
REQ7122 Legal Research 1
REQ7125 Legal Writing II: Theory and Practice 3
REQ7185 Legislation and Regulation 3
REQ7265 Professional Responsibility 3
REQ7160 Property 3
REQ7150 Torts 4


At least two (2) of the following courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
BUS6235 Business Associations 4
CRI7262 Constitutional Criminal Procedure 4
CRI7307 Criminal Practice and Procedure 4
FAM7710 Estates 4
FAM7715 Family Law 3
PUB7500 First Amendment Law 3
BUS6280 Sales 2

Experiential Courses

At least six (6) ​​credits from the following experiential courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
BUS6219 Small Business Law Clinic (formerly Entrepreneurship and Legal Lab Practicum (VLSell)) 2/4/6/12
CLI9302 Environmental Advocacy Clinic 6/9/12
CLI9310 South Royalton Legal Clinic FT 12
CLI9311 South Royalton Legal Clinic - Summer 6 or 9
CLI9312 South Royalton Legal Clinic PT 6
CLI9318 Environmental Justice Clinic 6/9/12
CLI9319 Climate Justice Practicum 4
CLI9321 Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic 4/6/9/12
CLI Advanced Farmed Animal Advocacy Clinic 4/6/9/12
CLI9323 Advanced Environmental Advocacy Clinic 6/9/12
CLI9333 Advanced South Royalton Legal Clinic 6/12
CLI9348 Advanced Environmental Justice Clinic 4/6/9
CLI9349 Advanced Climate Justice Practicum 4
CLI9411 Semester in Practice (SIP) 12
CLI9412 Semester in Practice (SIP) Class 2
CLI9425 JD Part-Time Externship 4-8
CLI9427 Energy Clinic 4 or 6
CLI9428 Food and Agriculture Clinic 6/9/12
CLI Advanced Food and Agriculture Clinic 6/9/12
CLI9430 Judicial Externship 12
CLI9431 Judicial Externship Class 2
CLI9437 Advanced Energy Clinic 4 or 6
ENV5535 Transnational Environmental Practicum 4
PUB7525 Legislative Clinic 6

Advanced Legal Writing project

One (1) of the following advanced legal writing project courses:
Course Code Course Title Credits
ADR6450 Advanced Dispute Resolution Writing Seminar 2
BUS6262 Social Enterprise Law 2
BUS6330 Sports Law 2
CLI9302 Environmental and Natural Resources Clinic 6/13
CLI9310/9312 South Royalton Legal Clinic 6/13
​CLI9450 Land Use Clinic 4/6
CRI7305 Advanced Criminal Law Seminar 2
DIV7606 Civil Rights Seminar 2
DIV7607 Constitutional Rights Litigation 3
DIV7610 Race and the Law Seminar 2
DIV7615 Sexual Orientation and the Law Seminar 2
ENV5110 Ecology of Food and Agriculture 3
ENV5212 Climate Change and the Law 3
ENV5236 Advanced Natural Resources Law 2
ENV5250 Watershed Management and Protection 3
ENV5303 Advanced Energy Writing Seminar 2
ENV5304/5306 Comparative Environmental Law Research Seminar 2/1
ENV5305 Environmental Ethics Seminar 2
ENV5307 Animals and the Law 3
ENV5310 Environmental Health Law Seminar 2
ENV5335 Extinction and Climate Change 2
ENV5337 Frontier Issues in Environmental Law and Policy 2
ENV5342 Legal Adaptation to Global Warming 2
ENV5345 Land and the Law of Takings 2
ENV5349 Regulating the Marine Environment 2
ENV5365 Climate Change: The Power of Taxes 2
ENV5408 The Law of Animals in Agriculture 3
ENV5493 Agricultural Biotechnology and the Law​​ 2
HIS7555 American Legal History: The Search for National Identity 2
INT7407 Comparative Law: Comparative Legal Systems 3
INT7413 European Union Law 3
INT7428 International Regulation of Trade 3
INT7430 Spanish Constitutional Law 2
INT7437 Introduction to Chinese Law 2
JUR7307 Culture and the Environment 2
JUR7323 Law and Popular Culture 2
JUR7330 Moral Philosophy for Professionals Seminar 2/3
JUR7332 Law, Lawyers and Religion 2/3
JUR7350 Women and the Law Seminar 2 +1 IRP
JUR7390 Jurisprudence Tutorial 1/2
PUB7550 National Security Law 3
PUB7580 State and Local Government 2
WRI7900 Independent Research Project 1/7
WRI7950 Law Review 2/4
WRI7960 Vermont Journal of Environmental Law​ 2/4

This page is offered as a quick, simplified glance of a complex topic. Please consult the Academic Regulations for full and official degree requirements.​

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