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We are delighted to welcome you to the very special online version of the 21st Global Conference on Environmental Taxation. Because the conference is happening in a virtual venue this year, we want to be sure that you have important information about how to access the event and to maximize your ability to participate.

Be sure to check your time zone. All times are CEST (Central European Summer Time). If you are outside Europe, please check carefully the conversion to CEST against your local time.

Access to the Zoom platform for the conference. The conference will run on the Zoom platform. Two days prior to the conference you will receive by email the Zoom links to connect to the various plenaries and parallel sessions.

Preparing for Zoom. We recommend that you download the Zoom desktop client to your computer; this will provide you with more features, (NB: If you have already been using Zoom, please check that you have the most recent and updated version).

Now and before the conference, familiarize yourself with the Zoom features you may need – share screen, naming / renaming yourself, mute / unmute microphone, chat and the 'raise hand' feature. You can find advice at

Not a Zoom pro? Watch the ‘join a meeting’ tutorial to get started

How to improve your Zoom performance during the conference. There are several ways to ensure that you will be able to engage well during the conference.

Use the most appropriate technology:

  • Connect from your computer (not iPhone).
  • Use a headset or an external microphone; even a simple one will easily outperform one inbuilt in a computer.
  • Use a cable internet connection or position yourself close to the router.

Consider your environment:

  • Choose a quiet location and a neutral background.
  • Make sure you are in a well-lit area.

Check video and audio:

  • Put your camera at face level.
  • Position yourself so that most of the light is coming from in front of you.
  • Mute your microphone when not speaking.

Showing PowerPoint slides (for presenters):

  • Have your PowerPoint presentation open and ready on your PC when session begins.
  • To show your PowerPoint when invited by moderator, click on ‘share screen’ (green box at top of screen; move mouse cursor to the top if you do not see it).
  • When done with presentation, click on stop sharing.

Remember some ground rules for each session. For any session, remember to following these important steps.

  • Join 10 minutes before the session is scheduled to begin.
  • Enter your full name in Zoom.
  • To see some of the participants while slides are shared, click gallery view.
  • Use chat function or raise hand in Zoom to ask question.
  • Turn off your camera if the connection gets fragile.

Assistance for presenters and moderators. If you have not tried Zoom before, you may connect to the helpdesk at Aarhus University prior to the conference to see that it functions and practice ‘share screen.’ GCET delegates will receive a link to the helpdesk in an email prior to the conference. The AU Learning Lab helpdesk is open weekdays from 2-3 PM (CEST). Because the helpdesk has limited capacity, please do not wait until the last day.

We look forward to seeing you in the GCET21 virtual venue!