For New Students

Read more about scholarship opportunities available for new students including Vermont Law School Scholar Awards, Need Based Scholarships, Mission Scholarships, the Environmental Law Center International Scholarship, the George Perkins Marsh Conservation Scholarship, the First Nations Scholarship, and Distance Learning Student Scholarships .

For Returning Students

Dean’s Scholarship Awards

Awarded based on demonstrated financial need. Following the first year of law school, students ranking in the top 20 percent of the class with demonstrated financial need may qualify for supplemental scholarship support through Dean’s Scholarship Awards. Funding from this fund is used to supplement existing VLS scholarship awards to bring the scholarship funding up to the following levels:

Class Ranking% of Tuition Funded by Institutional Scholarship
15-20%1/8 tuition
10-15%1/4 tuition
5-10%3/8 tuition
Top 5%1/2 tuition