Vermont Law Review Hosts 19th Annual Symposium: Legal Frameworks for a Green New World

The Vermont Law Review (VLR) is hosting its 19th Annual Symposium entitled Legal Frameworks for a Green New World: Breathing Life into the Goals of the Green New Deal on Friday, Oct 4, 2019, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m, in Chase Community Center at Vermont Law School. The event is free and open to the public.

The symposium features three panels of nationwide experts who will explore the state of America’s energy industry and the transition to renewable sources, how climate change and environmental destruction have affected marginalized groups, and what government policies can be made that will meet current and future environmental challenges.

“The symposium offers leaders in the environmental law movement an opportunity to debate the ideas that shape our time,” says Andrew Hammond, symposium editor, VLR. “This year’s focus, the Green New Deal, is especially relevant in the face of mounting global climate emergencies. We look forward to a lively and informative conversation.”

Panelists include:

Panel 1:  Decarbonizing the Economy: Using Policy to Realize the Renewable Future of America’s Energy Industry

Steven Ferrey, Suffolk University 

Elizabeth McDonald, VLS visitor

Jonas Monast, University of North Carolina


Panel 2: The Frontline: Why There is No Green New Deal without Environmental Justice and Redress

Andrea Freeman, University of Hawaii 

Julian Brave NoiseCat, Data for Progress Director

Gabe Pacyniak, University of New Mexico 


Panel 3: Defragmenting Justice: The Regulatory and Policy Pathways and Roadblocks to a Green New Deal.

Alice Kaswan, University of San Francisco 

J.B. Ruhl, Vanderbilt University

Nicholas Bryner, Louisiana State University  


For more information, or to view the livestream, go to: