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Safely Home

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The SAFELY HOME program provides comprehensive legal assistance to Vermont’s veterans facing hardships related to their home mortgage. Administered through the Veteran’s Legal Assistance Project (VLAP) of Vermont and open to all Vermont veterans regardless of income, SAFELY HOME is a Vermont Law School initiative that has been providing pro bono legal assistance to Vermont’s military veteran population since 2014.

Veteran’s Legal Assistance Project (VLAP)

Many things can lead to foreclosure. In an attempt to save their home, people will often deplete resources such as savings or retirement accounts, which can lead to a financial spiral that may result in housing loss.

The battle to save your home starts with knowing your rights, educating yourself on your options, and mounting a legal defense where appropriate. If home loss is unavoidable, understanding what comes next is a critical component in housing transition.

SAFELY HOME wants to help if you are struggling to pay your mortgage, have questions about the foreclosure process, or are presently facing foreclosure.