VINE Sanctuary Volunteer Day

29 Oct 2016

VINE Sanctuary Volunteer Day

5:00am - 12:00pm

​VINE Sanctuary Volunteer Day

Time & Location: 9am-4pm

Details: VLS volunteers will travel to the VINE Sanctuary in Springfield, VT via carpool (<1 hour) to assist the sanctuary staff with various projects around the property, potentially including field clearing, coop cleaning, barn repair, etc. We will leave VLS at 9am and should be back by 4pm. Further details will be provided to volunteers.

About VINE Sanctuary: “VINE Sanctuary provides a haven for animals who have escaped or been rescued from the meat, dairy and egg industries or other abusive circumstances, such as cockfights or pigeon-shoots. Sanctuary residents include chickens, cows, ducks, doves, geese, pigeons, sheep, emus, and even a few parakeets. In addition to sheltering and advocating for animals, we conduct research and education aimed at creating systemic changes in agriculture, trade, and consumption as well as human attitudes about animals and the environment.”


Volunteering: If interested to volunteer, please email Will Lowrey with your interest and if you are willing to drive in support of a carpool, please mention.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Will Lowrey at