Vagina Monologues

16 Feb 2018

Vagina Monologues

7:00pm - 10:00pm

Chase Center

The world is in chaos. Women’s rights are being revoked and violated. The intersection between women’s rights and political agendas divide people across and within nations.

Consent, body image, sex work and more are issues at the forefront of politics across the galaxy. In a New York theater in 1996, one woman attempts to break the stigmas that plague women by creating a piece of political theater that features women and issues that are personal to them.

Over 20 years later, the situation is dire once again. Women around the world are attempting to reignite the fire of a tired revolution. In Vermont, a group called If/When/How attempts to open the conversation once again by putting on an annual production of the Vagina Monologues.

In their attempt to engage with their peers, this group will search the community for volunteers to aid them on their quest.

Vagina Monologues is an extremely important piece of political theater that focuses on women’s issues.

The production will be a dual production of both the Vagina Monologues and A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant and a Prayer, so we will be needing both female-identifying and male-identifying performers.

This is a cornerstone event that If/When/How is known for on campus, and the current If/When/How members are extremely excited to be able to share this event with everyone again this year!

Anyone who is interested in performing a monologue should get back to us as soon as possible. The time commitment is not excessive, but we do ask that all performers agree to them (at least 1 individual rehearsal with the directors, and one group rehearsal the day before the performance). There are also stage crew positions available for anyone who would like to get involved without performing. NO THEATER EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED.

Additionally, if you aren’t sure whether you’d like to get involved, feel free to ask any questions you might have about the process, or the play itself.

Please get back to us by Monday, January 15th if you are interested in joining the cast or crew.

If/When/How looks forward to working with you to make this event a successful evening of well-mannered frivolity and interaction!


Time and location of event coming soon, please check back later.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Natacha Tremblay at