Student Philanthropy Ambassadors Meeting

30 Sep 2016

Student Philanthropy Ambassadors Meeting



​The Student Philanthropy Ambassadors (SPA) at Vermont Law School, is a student organization dedicated to making each year's class gift a huge success. On Friday, September 20, we will meet at 2 pm. At this meeting, we will:

  • ​Fill the open executive positions - we need applicants for Secretary and Assistant Communications Director
  • Designate volunteers to table for kickball, and also to run the Kickball Tournament and Tailgate
  • ​Discuss the current list of Class Gift ​ideas - right now some of the great ideas we have are:​​
    • Chase restoration
    • Backup generator for the library
    • Water stations in the library
    • Coffee stations in the library
    • Scholarships for a student doing an SIP (this would cover some of their tuition costs of that semester)
    • Pave lower parking lot to reduce sediment contamination
    • Exercise balls in the library
    • Donation to SPEAK
    • A school song
    • Mural from Oaks to Deb
    • More bulletin boards in the breezeway
    • Charging station in the library
    • Soft serve ice cream machine
    • Scholarship for a Veteran to come to VLS
    • Scholarship for a graduate from SoRo High School to come to VLS

The more support you show for an idea, the better chance that idea has of being chosen as the Class of 2017 Gift. One great way to show support is to come to the meeting, join S.P.A., and help us make the most of our fundraising efforts throughout the year!

Questions? Concerns? Contact EmmaRose Boyle at