SBA Welcome Back Party

1 Sep 2016

SBA Welcome Back Party

8:00pm - 8:00pm


Crossroads Bar and Grill

My goal this year as SBA VP of Student Activities is to make all events hosted by the SBA more professional and that all members of the VLS community feel comfortable attending. After hearing from the student body last year that there is a lack of diversity in our events for nontraditional students, students with families, and students who do not drink, I hope you find a positive change in how the SBA host their events this year! 

So please come to the Welcome Back Party ready to have fun but always keeping in mind that a level of professionalism and respect is required of you. (The Code of Conduct follows your everywhere you go). To the 1Ls; I was very impressed with your professionalism as I worked with you during orientation. So 2Ls and 3Ls, lets show them we can do professionalism too! 

Crossroads asked me to kindly remind you that TIP is not included for the waitstaff at events where alochol is provided. 

So PLEASE tip the staff! 

Good luck to you all on your first week of classes! 


Sarah M Seese​

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