SBA Candidate Forum

30 Mar 2016

SBA Candidate Forum


Chase Center

Chase Center

SBA Candidate Forum

Thursday (3/31) (tomorrow)

Chase Center


Each Candidate will be given a few minutes to speak about why they should be elected and there will be an opportunity to ask questions. Come support and learn about the potential candidates before voting in the SBA elections. 

SBA Elections

Friday (4/1) & Monday (4/4) - Friday (4/8) 

Chase Breezeway

10:00am - 2:00pm 

List of Candidates 


Mark Smith, Ana Cimino, Andrew Marchev

VP Student Affairs

Elise Iannone

VP Student Activities

Phanuelle Dutchatelier, Sarah Seese


Yasin Alsaidi, John Dever


Kathyrn Mulcahy

Town Liaison


3L Senator

Luis Breyer, Amanda Naranjo, Rebecca Blackmon, Mack Jones, Cedar Gillette 

3L Board of Trustee

Patrick Marass

3L Honor Code Committee Representative

Zachary Hozid

3L Code of Conduct Committee Representative

AJ Schweitzer, Alfonso Villegas

3L Curriculum Committee Representative

Nansi Singh, Breanna Hayes

3L Faculty Hiring Committee Representative

Ivan Zdravkovic

2L Senator

Samantha Longo, Alex Infante, Andrew Kenney, Maggie Galka, Cody Stryker, Andrew Bevacqua

April Brees, Jay Crowder, Chris Denny, Tal Reeves, Amelia Singh 

2L Board of Trustee

Jenny Leech, Eddie Schultz, Julia Muench, Amelia Singh

2L Honor Code Committee Representative

Liz Bower, Erin Hodge, Laura Savall

2L Code of Conduct Committee Representative

Cameron Means, Rinku Kapoor, Sarah Anderson, Sherri White, Michael Hervey

2L Curriculum Committee Representative


2L Faculty Hiring Committee Representative

Chris Denny

BONUS KNOWLEDGE - Cockadoodle Pizza will be provided for the Candidate Forum (as the famous Andrew Marchev once stated yesterday "why not kill two birds with one stone" and come out for a meal and become an informed voter) 

Questions? Concerns? Contact Zachary Harrell at