The Procuratorate System of China

17 Oct 2017

The Procuratorate System of China

1:00pm - 2:30pm

Oakes 012

Featuring President HUANG He of the National Prosecutors College of China

HUANG HeU.S.-Asia Partnerships for Environmental Law (PEL) would like to invite the VLS community to join us for this special speaker event. Broadly speaking, China’s judicial system can be divided into three arms; the People’s Court system, the People’s Procuratorate system, and the public security system. The People’s procuratorates are structured to perform “legal supervision” with duties as diverse as directing investigations by the public security division, deciding which cases should be prosecuted, reviewing judgments, and supervising the legal activities of the people’s courts and prison management. In essence the broad scope of procuratorates’ responsibilities includes both bringing criminal prosecutions to court and overseeing the actions of government agencies so that they are in line with the law. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate (SPP) is “the highest procuratorial body” of China.

Join us to hear President HUANG He share from his over 20 years of experience working for the SPP rst as a prosecutor, then as Deputy Director of the Public Prosecution Division, and nally as Director of the Investigation and Supervision Division. President HUANG has a Ph.D and Master of Law in Criminal Law from Peking University Law School and Sichuan University respectively. He now serves as the President for the National Prosecutors College; China’s top training institution for the procuratorate. We hope you will join us to learn more about this unique legal system from our prestigious guest.

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