Everything You Want to Know about Electric Cars

13 Sep 2017

Everything You Want to Know about Electric Cars

4:00pm - 6:00pm

Oakes Hall Parking Lot

EV Charging Stations

Are you curious about electric cars? Have you wondered if you could afford or rely on one when your current lease expires or your jalopy finally gets towed to the junkyard? Have you ever walked past Prof. Dworkin in the Oakes lot while he's plugging in his Chevy Volt but been too shy to ask all the burning questions you have about EV drivership?

Then good news!

Tomorrow, some of VLS's resident EV drivers will be on hand to take your questions. Some might even give a test ride!

When: Wednesday, Sept 13, from 4-6pm

Where: EV charging stations in the front of the Oakes lot

Ask Prof. Bach about the insane $10,000 rebate that Green Mountain Power is offering to buy a Nissan Leaf!

Ask Aaron Kelly (2L) if plug-in driving is practical as a student and entrepreneur!

Ask Prof. Lewis about being an early adopter of plug-in cars!

Ask Prof. Beyranevand if her electric car can actually handle two small children and their car seats!

This mini-EV showcase is organized by the Clean Transportation Team at the Institute for Energy and the Environment and is a part of National Drive Electric Week.

Questions? Concerns? Contact Ben Jervey at bjervey@vermontlaw.edu