Environmental Law Society: Exit 4 ACT 250 Hearing

24 Sep 2015

Environmental Law Society: Exit 4 ACT 250 Hearing


Randolph, Vermont

​Members of the Environmental Law Scoiety will be attending the Exit 4 ACT 250 Hearing on Friday, September 25th in Randolph, Vermont. If you are interested in joining ELS members at the hearing, please email Greg Berry.

Act 250 hearings are a unique feature of Vermont land use planning. The hearings provide the community with the real opportunity to mitigate environmental impacts of large-scale development projects. This particular hearing has been hot in Vermont news recently. 

The grass-roots organization Exit 4 Open Space, the Vermont Natural Resources Council, and the Conservation Law Foundation have stood out in opposition against a​ proposed development right off Exit 4 in Randolph. Exit 4 is close in proximity to VLS and those who have driven Interstate 89 likely have noted its scenic views. This particular hearing will encompass the large-scale residential and retail development's impacts on agricultural soils and effects on Randolph's downtown economy.

There are two sides to every story.  For more information:

Questions? Concerns? Contact Gregory Berry at GregoryBerry@vermontlaw.edu