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Environmental Law Resources

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Located on the loft level of the library, the Environmental Collection, comprised of over 20,000 physical volumes and many thousands of e-books,  concentrates on environmental decision making, as well as the environmental curriculum and experiential programs at VLGS. The Collection is diverse and has evolved to reflect the changing nature of the discipline; topics include environmental justice, climate change, food and agriculture, energy law and policy, water law, environmental economics, biodiversity, sustainability, planning and zoning, hazardous waste, and more.

We welcome your title suggestions for the Collection.


The Library subscribes to a number of online databases that focus on environmental law and support the study of and research in environmental law. They are freely available for use by the VLGS community.​ See the list of subscription databases here


The VLGS Environmental Law Research Sources is a collection of over 500 free environmental law websites, selected in consultation with VLGS faculty and students. Topics include: Environmental Justice, Environmental Health, Climate Change, Energy, Agriculture Law, Food Law, Land Use, Endangered Species/Wildlife Biodiversity, Environmental Dispute Resolution, Water Law and Policy, Oceans/Marine Law, International Environmental Law, and more. Each website has a description of its information resources.


This Guide focuses on environmental law resources and also non-legal materials. It includes resources that will lead you to environmental news and updating services, case law, statutes, legislative history, administrative law, international and foreign environmental law, scientific sources, and specialized web sites. It includes traditional legal research resources such as books, articles, Westlaw, Lexis, and Bloomberg Law, as well as free websites.​